meet the founder and clinical director of thrive

Lawrence M Bramlette, Ph.D.

Dr.B earned his masters and doctorate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and completed his formal clinical training at Baylor College of Medicine: Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.  Dr. B's graduate research centered on how we experience and recover from stressful events.  In school, Dr. B was repeatedly tasked with teaching statistics and research methodology.  This experience laid the groundwork for Dr. B's ever growing appreciation for the difference between dubious research (to put it generously) and research that meets the highest standards of science.  Well, that probably comes across as a bit dry, but it is important.  When clients are investing their time, energy, and resources, they definitely deserve the very best strategies that the science of positive change has to offer!

Early in his career, Dr. B devoted much of his time to working with child and adolescent victims of abuse and providing court related services on their behalf.  Dr. B's treatment philosophy is very goal achievement oriented, and he fully appreciates that healing from past wounds is essential to wellbeing.  Dr. B continues to provide court-related services on a limited basis and is a regular guest lecturer on that very topic for psychology residents and fellows at Baylor College of Medicine: Department of Pediatrics.

Dr. B has been helping clients in the Houston community for over twenty years.  He has helped clients meet the ongoing challenges of chronic conditions such as adult ADHD and bipolar disorder.  Dr. B has also helped clients with resolvable conditions such as PTSD, depressive disorders, and anxiety disorders.  Do all clients have a disorder?  Absolutely not -it's just that, as a clinical psychologist, Dr. B has specialized training in serving these populations.  Put another way, no one needs to have a "disorder" to benefit from expert guidance on their journey to wellbeing (feeling upbeat in general, liking yourself, having a positive outlook, being well connected with others, and taking your life where you want to go).