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How do I set up my first appointment?

You can reach Thrive at 713-623-6263.  Our office manger will work with you to find an appointment time that fits your schedule.  If you prefer to correspond by email, just press the link below!

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What are your fees?

Fees are $160 for individual sessions, $180 for couple's sessions.  Most clients pay by credit card.  Because credit card companies charge us handsomely for their services, we offer a ten percent discount when clients opt to pay with cash.

How long are Thrive sessions?

Virtually all therapists define an hour session as 50 minutes.  This is because therapists frequently schedule three or more clients back-to-back and literally need the remaining ten minutes to shift gears and catch their breath.  Thrive is most definitely not a therapy mill -we never schedule more than two clients in succession.  In our view, clients absolutely deserve a therapy experience wherein their therapist is fully present, clear headed, engaged, and well connected.  At Thrive, when clients commit their financial resources for an hour of therapy -they get a full 60 minutes.  Occasionally, clients request longer sessions -we can accommodate such requests at our hourly rate with 15 minute increments.

What happens in the first session?

There is a bit of paperwork to complete at the outset -this typically takes about ten minutes.  You can arrive early and complete the paperwork at our office.  If you prefer, we can email the paperwork in advance.

At Thrive, the first session is used to get to know one another, and you are certainly welcome to ask questions at any time.  Your therapist will invite you to discuss what brought you to therapy and what you are seeking to accomplish in therapy.  At this point, you and your therapist will work together to develop healthy and realistic therapy goals.  Your therapist will also begin working with you to begin identifying obstacles that have been standing between you and your goals.  At the end of your session, your therapist will explain how therapy can help and will provide a basic overview of the approach you will be taking to achieve and maintain your goals.

What to look for when selecting a therapist?

Talking about highly personal issues and seeking professional guidance can definitely be challenging.  After all, even the simple task of asking a stranger for directions is daunting for most of us.  When working with a therapist, you certainly want to feel safe, comfortable, and fully supported.  You also want to feel well connected with your therapist.  In other words, does your therapist strike you as down-to-earth, easy to relate to, and genuine?  If your therapist comes across as overly intellectual, self-absorbed, agenda driven, or emotionally detached, you probably won't feel connected -and that doesn't bode well for a productive working relationship.  Finally, you want to be able to trust that your therapist is competent.  Since therapy is a significant commitment of your time, energy, and resources, you absolutely want to have confidence in your therapist's experience and credentials.  At Thrive, our therapists are clinical psychologists, are most definitely warm and approachable, and have been helping clients in the Houston community for over twenty years.

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What are the advantages of working with a Thrive therapist?

To put it generously, there is considerable variability in the education and training of mental health professionals.  At Thrive, education and training most definitely matter!  Our therapists are graduates of clinical psychology doctoral programs and have received extensive clinical training at major medical facilities -these programs are highly competitive, and the standards for admission and completion are significantly higher than other programs.  As clinical psychologists, our therapists have over six years of post-undergraduate education and training in the art of therapy and the science of psychology.  With over twenty years of clinical experience, Thrive therapists fully appreciate the value of clients feeling safe, comfortable, and well connected in therapy.  At Thrive, we derive professional gratification from our clients' success, and we strongly believe that out clients flourish when provided with genuine support and expert guidance.

Does Thrive take insurance?

We do not accept insurance.  As a clinical practice, billing insurance is complicated, time consuming, and labor intensive.  This has the ironic consequence of driving up our operating costs -which impacts our fees for services.  At Thrive, we appreciate that therapy is a significant commitment of financial resources, and we strive to keep our fees as user friendly as possible. 

What conerns do clients have about insurance?

Many of our clients have very understandable concerns about the sanctity of their therapy confidentiality being compromised by insurance.  When therapists are "in-network providers" they typically have to provide insurance companies with detailed information regarding the client's presentation and progress in therapy.  Once provided, this information becomes part of the client's permanent healthcare record -and how that information will be used down the road is anybody's guess.  Additionally, insurance companies have in-house guidelines regarding what problems and progress merit payment -this incentivizes "in-network providers" to pathologize their clients in pursuit of reimbursement.  At Thrive, we view this "in-network provider" scenario as an absolute non-starter.  That said, we do have clients with out-of-network insurance benefits who wish to seek reimbursement.  In such cases, clients are provided with receipts that are formatted for insurance processing.